SERRANO video by our partner IDEKO

IDEKO Research Center created and shared a promotional video on its company and project social media that explains the use case that it leads within the SERRANO project.

IDEKO Research Center will leverage the SERRANO platform for the analysis and detection of anomalies in ball screws in real-time. For this research, a test bench has been built in the IDEKO’s facilities, in which two sensorized spindles, position and acceleration sensors, have been installed, which are being monitored through the SAVVY DATA SYSTEMS edge device. The IDEKO’s researchers are analyzing the collected data through their own developed microservices that integrate ML and AI techniques in real-time to understand the behavior and the spindle degradation.

These services will be integrated into the SERRANO platform to accelerate and ensure their execution and availability, processing large amounts of data in real-time at the edge and cloud.

The video is available at the following link: