Public Deliverables

WP2 “Requirements and System Design”

D2.1 – State of-the-art analysis report (M6)
D2.2 – SERRANO use cases, platform requirements, and KPIs analysis (M6)
D2.3 – SERRANO architecture (M9)
D2.4 – Final version of SERRANO use cases, platform requirements, and KPIs analysis (M16)
D2.5 – Final version of SERRANO architecture (M18)

WP3 “Hardware and Software Platforms for Enhanced Security”

D3.1 – Accelerated encrypted storage architecture (M15)
D3.2 – Secure cloud storage system (M15)
D3.3 – Trust and isolated execution on untrusted physical tenders (M15)

WP4 “Cloud and Edge Acceleration”

D4.1 – HW/SW IPs for workload acceleration in disaggregated DCs (M15)
D4.2 – Performance maximization under maximum affordable error for the HW and SW IPs (M15)
D4.3 – Framework for seamless integration of heterogeneous workload-aware performance improvement (M15)

WP5 “Intelligent Service and Resource Orchestration”

D5.1 – Abstraction models and intelligent service orchestration (M15)
D5.2 – Algorithmic framework, performance, and power models (M15)
D5.3 – Resource orchestration, telemetry, and lightweight virtualization mechanisms (M15)

WP6 “Platform Integration and Testing, Use Cases Development and Evaluation”

D6.3 – The SERRANO integrated platform (M18)

WP7 “Business Modelling, Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardization”

D7.1 – Project dissemination material and updates (M6)
D7.5 – Report on standardization activities (M18)
D7.6 – Intermediate project dissemination material and updates (M18)